Paging Is Essential

There are reasons why paging technology is still needed and being used because of the advantages that it has. The influence of mobile phone technology has been a threat to the paging industry but many still use it instead of switching to cellphone because of the advantages. Let us learn some of those key advantages that is presented.

One advantage is that pagers can deliver message real time or immediately to many people as compared to cellphone that there are time difference before one gets it.

As it is being sent simultaneously so one can receive it earlier and others after some minutes depending on the number of recipients. Then in case of emergency there is a concern then as if in case a fire is happening. In using pager, you can send the message to all those who are on call to respond and they would all get it in very close or same time. Then they can all gather together and know what to do or where to go.

But in terms of messaging in phone they have to be sent one by one and it could take time. Also it is limited in characters to sent so other details could not be known immediately unlike in the pager that all are updated. Like when their is someone who is in the third floor of the burning house that needs to be rescued or if no one is inside. That is why some professionals use both of them when they can carry.